Meet Q

Q. Karmue - Author Witness Liberia
Q and Kids in Liberia

QUANUQUANEI A. KARMUE better known as Q, is a survivor of the Liberian Civil War, activist, artist, and president/founder of Save More Kids, Inc, a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the lives of Liberia’s children and rebuilding a country left in devastating conditions.

Q wrote the Witness series to take readers through his childhood experience as a boy confronted with the terror, bloodshed, and chaos of a war-torn Liberia. After escaping to the US through the strength and fortitude of his mother, Q adapted to American life, completed an Undergraduate Degree at Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), and a Masters of Fine Arts Degree at East Tennessee State University (ETSU).

Once a grown man, Q returned to the country he remembered as bloody and destroyed, and his family fulfilled a promise to God of adopting children of war and orphaned children. Renewed with a sense of purpose and a mission greater than himself, Q formed Save More Kids, as an organization to provide the resources, education, and action to create a bright future for the forgotten children of a post-war Liberia. For greater knowledge on Save More Kids, Inc., visit

Q's first book in the Witness series, WITNESS, is now available for order online.